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Retirement flyer describing eligibility and calculations

Retirement Flyer


SUBJECT: Temporary Suspension of In-Person Services

As of close of business Tuesday, March 17, the Office of Client Service is suspending all reception desk services and in-person counseling as a precautionary measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  The closure will remain in effect through at least Wednesday March 31 and we anticipate these in-person services resuming on April 1.  This will provide time to review our current service delivery model and make adjustment, where possible, to provide a safer and healthier environment for members and employees which is consistent with the direction received from our partners at the Department of Health.

Members who have scheduled appointments for interviews will be contacted directly and offered alternative counseling arrangements. 

Walk-in services will be unavailable during the closure.

 All in-classroom seminars and training sessions have been suspended.

 Members have a variety of methods to receive services from the Division by accessing our website, contacting our call center, (609) 292-7524, or sending email to:

The Division of Pensions and Benefits now offers Retirement Workshops and Webinars

Member Webinar Topics

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PERS &TPAF Members

Retirement Seminars and Webinars take a step-by-step approach to the retirement process and explain what happens after you submit your application. We explain your benefits, survivor options, group life insurance, loan repayment provisions, and the taxability of your pension. There is also a brief discussion of State Health Benefits Program and School Employees’ Health Benefits Program coverage in retirement. Seminars conclude with a question and answer period; Webinar attendees are able to submit questions for individualized answers.

If you register to attend be sure to do the following:

  • Be sure the seminar or webinar you select is for your retirement system (PERS, TPAF, or PFRS)

  • You should complete and print an Estimate of Retirement Benefits using the Member Benefits Online

System (MBOS) so you can follow along during the presentation.

Retirement estimates are not provided at the seminar.

Register for MBOS at:


Space is limited for in-person seminars, so register today!


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New dates for Employee Informational Webinars have been posted to the Division of Pensions & Benefits Website.  Sessions are offered through live online webinars hosted by GoToMeeting and can be attended without travel from your own computer.

Available topics include:

  • Understanding Your Pension Benefits for PERS or TPAF Members

  • Overview for Employees in the DCRP

  • Retirement Planning for PERS and TPAF Members

  • Retirement Planning for PFRS Members

  • PERS and TPAF Retirement Estimates

  • PERS and TPAF Pension Options

  • Reviewing a Sample Retirement Application for PERS or TPAF Members

  • Reviewing a Sample Retirement Application for PFRS Member

  • Social Security Benefits for Members of all N.J. State Administered Retirement Systems

Space is limited! Register today!

To see a full description of all topics, available webinar dates and/or to register, please visit our registration page at: 


Please check our website regularly for newly added seminar/webinar dates and/or locations. For a complete list of pension training opportunities, visit our website at: and click on the appropriate link under "Services."


Full-Time  employees are issued an allotment of paid time off (sick and personal days) at the start of employment and/or the start of each school year.  In the case of employment that  terminates for any reason on a date other than the last day of the school year, any sick and personal days issued for the current year will be prorated based on the first and last day of  employment of that school year.  This will not impact any previous years' accumulated paid time off.

A live paper check will be issued for the last contractual pay for any employment that terminates with the district for any reason.  Employees should verify that Personnel has current contact information (email, address & phone).  Employee attendance will be reviewed to determine any outstanding balance due the district if applicable.