Board of Education of Burlington County Special Services School District and The Burlington County Institute of Technology

Tyler J. Burrell, President (Term: 2021 - 2024)
Robert Brittain, Vice President (Term: 2021 - 2024)
Odise Carr (Term: 2022 - 2025)
Tiffany Cohen (Term: 2023 - 2025)
Daryl M. Vincent, Burlington County Acting Executive County Superintendent
Dr. Charles McCabe (Term: 2023 - 2026)
Michelle Parker (Term: 2023 - 2026)
Andrew Willmott, CPA, Business Administrator/Board Secretary
 Dr. Ashanti Holley, District Superintendent

2024-2025 Board Meetings

The Reorganization Meeting will be held Virtual Only at 9:00 am

Public Zoom Link

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Notice of Schedule of Regular Meetings

The Board of Education hereby designated the following dates as the date of its regular meetings, virtual via Zoom and in-person at the Media Center located in Burlington County Special Services School District 20 Pioneer Boulevard, Westampton. And, unless otherwise noted here or modified by legal advertisement, such meetings shall commence at 6:00 p.m. with an executive session starting at 5:00 pm. 

Board Goals

  • To support the superintendent and central office team to assure that new administrators on campuses receive appropriate support and resources to provide a smooth transition to new roles and responsibilities.

  • The Board of Education will continue to support the district administration to move forward with the completion of the State-of-the-Art playground construction project and completion of the capital improvements including HVAC systems and campus signage.

  • To support the orderly transition of the closure of the Lumberton Campus and related reallocation of staffing and resources to the other campuses within the provisions of the budget, programming, certification and student scheduling process.

  • To support the use of ESSER funds among other funding methods for the training of staff and development of ongoing classroom and building applications that address student enrichment, acceleration, social and emotional learning, equity and diversity training.

  • To provide professional development opportunities and funding for programs to support the training of BCSSSD staff on best practices on safety and security for students with exceptionalities.

District Goals

  • To implement and ensure best practices of data-based decision-making, at least seventy-five percent (75%) of staff will take data on student behavioral outcomes by working closely with stakeholders for positive outcomes and to improve the quality of life for students at BCSSSD.

  • BCSSSD will provide appropriate opportunities for eighty-five (85%) of staff members to correctly complete an incident report by identifying antecedent, behavior, and consequence of a given situation after participating in a minimum of five (5) professional development hours.

  • BCSSSD will train 85% of staff on best practices on safety and security for students with exceptionalities through a minimum of 3 professional development hours.

  • BCSSSD will provide training to 85% of CST, Related Services, and Nursing Staff on the social-emotional learning needs of students, including, but not limited to Nurtured Heart, Approach, trauma-informed practices, and mental health through a minimum of 3 professional development hours.

  • By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, the average score of all teachers in the district on the Danielson Framework Domain 3: Instruction will increase by ten percent (10%).