Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Highlights

Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/22/2024

There were two presentations made at the Board of Education meeting last evening. The first pertained to the Board’s desire to recognize key security personnel, nursing staff and administration who were among the first responders this past month whose actions saved the life of a staff member who lost consciousness and stopped breathing. They along with the cooperation of many other staff who did their job to retain students in classrooms allowed medical personnel to pick up where nurses and security personnel left off and were able to take the staff member to the hospital after being resuscitated. She is covering at home and looks forward to coming back to work. Dr. Nagy asked the audience and Board to please provide a warm round of applause of gratitude to those recognized in the audience for their heroic efforts:

Security: Quincy Hendrix who administered CPR and his fellow colleagues who secured the area

Administrators:   Principal Dennis Leigh

                               Asst. Principal Mike Berger

                             Asst. Principal Roseatta Darcy

          Director CST/Related Services/Nursing/ESU Dr. Bobbie Downs


Nurses:  Connie Garrano

                Diane Temple

                Nora Kent

                Lauren Johnson

Pictures were taken of all with the Board.

The second presentation was introduced by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ashanti Holley regarding the latest promotional video for the BCSSSD district which was recently completed.

The Board approved a number of retirees to whom Dr. Nagy thanked for their years of service and to wish them good health and happiness in the next chapter of their lives.

Dr. Nagy thanked all the staff and students and administration for all of their efforts to celebrate CTE month this past month and Black History Month.

This month is Women’s History Month and Dr. Nagy noted that buildings are celebrating the great women current and throughout history who have made significant contributions to the very fabric of who we are as Americans.

Dr. Nagy encouraged the public to look at our updated Points of Pride on both District websites. The pages celebrate the outstanding efforts of our staff, students and Board to make our districts a special place to celebrate student excellence.

The Board also approved policy and regulations as part of the regular course of business in the districts as well as Perkins V Postsecondary and Secondary Grant Amendments.

After Dr. Nagy thanked our student representative Mekhi Green for his report on the various happenings on both of our BCSSSD Campuses he thanked him and noted how much we have to be proud of in the district.

Dr. Nagy congratulated our Special Olympian Bowlers who earned the honor to compete in the state competition. He also noted that the Basketball team should be proud of their 4th place finish for the season while the Swim team is off to a great start earning a number of medals just in the first meet. Well done.

Despite the weather, our Pioneer Band played out their hearts in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Mt. Holly. We can’t wait for the Flamingo Day Parade around the school tomorrow.

Congratulations to all of the students who were honored this month for marking period for their academic and overall performance.

Dr. Nagy announced that he just learned yesterday that Dr. Bobbie Downs and members of the Tri-state Canine Unit have been selected to present their proposal at the NJASA/NJAPSA Spring Leadership Conference in Atlantic City in May. The topic of their presentation is: A Student’s Best Friend: Social-Emotional Learning through Animal Therapy Partnerships. Congratulations.

Earlier in the morning of the Board meeting yesterday, Dr. Nagy mentioned that a few Board members and central administration staff including himself were honored and privileged to read to students in a few classes this morning as part of our focus on literacy and Read Across New Jersey. Dr. Nagy thanked all of those who volunteered from the community. It truly takes a village. In addition, I want to acknowledge all of the efforts of our therapists who provided various activities for the students to engage in to demonstrate how students are able to grow and meet their goals and objectives set forth for the year.

Last, Dr. Nagy noted that on the agenda is the approval of an application to go to the NJDOE to engage in a significant grant application with the NJDOE to apply for the 2024 full year Maximizing Post School Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Grant for approximately $1,400,000 to fully implement a person-centered transitions program to service a minimum of 20 students. Dr. Nagy reminded those in attendance that they have heard time and again, our transition campus has done some amazing work and have transformed opportunities for our students to take college courses, be trained to work in paid and unpaid work-based learning experiences and place the campus on the map in the community and beyond because of the service work they do. This is a natural fit for us and we hope to obtain that grant. We are one of 7 special services school districts in the entire state.