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Dr. Christopher Nagy

Dr. Nagy graduated from St. John Lateran University in Rome, Italy with both a Bachelor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Theology degrees. While in Rome, he also earned his Master of Arts in Theology from St. Thomas University. He returned to the United States and began his formal career in education in Bethlehem, PA in a private school. He taught Latin and Theology as well as gained a love for working with students both in the classroom as well as while serving as a club advisor and assistant athletic director. After a short time at the school, Dr. Nagy was asked to take on additional duties including the role of vice principal and oversight of school finances. He earned his Master’s in Education in Educational Leadership and administrator certifications from Lehigh University in 1993.

Dr. Nagy transitioned to public education as a high school assistant principal in Allentown, New Jersey where he was promoted to high school principal in 1999; he worked in this position for 11 years. While there, Dr. Nagy positioned the school to be recognized among the top 100 schools in New Jersey by NJ Monthly Magazine. During this time, Dr. Nagy earned his Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration from Widener University and was the first in his class to publish his dissertation as a book: The Alternate Route Teachers' Transition to the Classroom: A 21st Century Perspective on the Journey for Those Who Seek Alternative Pathways to Teaching. In 2011, he assumed the role of Superintendent of Schools in Bergen County, NJ where he had oversight of two high schools and the Region III North Jersey Autism Center. As Superintendent, he increased academic achievement, established a one-on-one student laptop initiative, created a character education platform to include social and emotional (SOMO) wellbeing skill development, and implemented a social media platform for the district. He also created a special education program at the high schools to integrate special needs students with autism: The Valley High School Program, a first for the district and region.  The work gained recognition from the NJ Dept. of Education and was awarded a grant to promote integration of special education students into regular education settings. Based on the work accomplished in the district, Dr. Nagy published two articles for AASA (American Association of School Administrators) one on Postive Psychology and Social and Emotional Learning and a second on Emotional Intelligence and Coaching to Expand Leadership

In 2014, after three years in Bergen County, Dr. Nagy received the opportunity to leverage his administrative footprint in post-secondary education and career technical education in a duel role as the principal of the Adult Division of the Burlington County Institute of Technology and the Burlington County Apprentice Coordinator. At BCIT, he increased student enrollment and apprenticeships, expanded course offerings and programs, established a summer session, revised the website, created a job posting board for employers, and worked closely with county entities to promote job creation, training and youth partnerships while working on the promotion of partnerships with Rowan College at Burlington College. Given the success and turnaround of the program, Dr. Nagy then became the shared Assistant Superintendent for Special Education at the Burlington County Special Services School District and Burlington County Institute of Technology. At BCSSSD, he quickly engaged in the shepherding of the restructure of the BCSSSD Westampton Campus and newly formed partnership with Bancroft at Burlington County. As Superintendent, he also engaged in a process to expand programs as well as enhance the infrastructure, Child Study teams, curriculum and instruction, data, social media, web presence, district technology plans, establishment of District Curriculum Council, special education transition programs, emergent workforce development opportunities and in demand employer needs such as the newest launch of the School of Construction Technology among other innovations.

During his time as Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Nagy is proud of the work that the staff and administration have accomplished many of which are highlighted in the District Points of Pride for BCIT and BCSSSD. Dr. Nagy is focused on the future and has been dedicated to a process to create the future that does not yet exist. In addition to following futurists, Dr. Nagy has been engaged in conversations with the Stanford University D (Design) School and related futurists and thought leaders about the future of education.  

On Dr. Nagy’s homepage for both BCIT and BCSSSD, one can follow his blog, YouTube Leadership Sparks Series, select professional reading list, social media, select publications and related information of interest.

Dr. Nagy is a believer in being a lifelong learner and leading by example: in March 2016, he earned his certification in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in NYC to benefit the students and staff of both the BCSSSD and BCIT districts. Dr. Nagy has taught doctoral courses at Delaware Valley University and currently at Rider University on topics related to Technology in the Classroom and the Future, curriculum and instruction, leadership, technology, diversity, societal change and special education. He is a former president of the Northern Valley Administrators Consortium and Upper Freehold Administrator’s Association and was the former NJ Department of Education Legal Chair for the Board of Examiners. Dr. Nagy is the former treasurer to the NJ Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools, member of the Burlington County Workforce Development Board and member of the Burlington County Education and Youth Services Collaboration Committee.

September 2017: The Burlington County Chamber of Commerce named Dr. Nagy one of 25 Burlington County Emerging Leaders.

January 2019: Dr. Nagy was selected among Burlington County business leaders with the Voice of Business Award for Personal Excellence for the category of 26 or more employees.

Reappointments 2020-2023: Dr. Nagy was re-elected for a three-year term to the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

October 2020: Dr. Nagy was elected to the New Jersey Council of Education. 

May 2017 and May 2022: BCAS Named National School of Character and Lumberton Campus State School of Character and other campuses with Honorable Mentions

August 2021: BCIT District named NJDOE Lighthouse School District for Equity

May 2022: BCSSSD Innovations in Special Education Award for Pioneer Posh Launch

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