•  Deaf & Hard of Hearing Initiative


    The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Initiative of the Burlington County Educational Services Unit has developed a multi-faceted approach to the eduacation of Deaf and hard of hearing students 

    Varied Services for Varied Learners from Identification to Graduation:

    • Classroom Observations and Service Recommendations - Our experienced, highly specialized staff will assess your student's needs - including those related to speech, linguistic fluency and cognitive and executive functioning - and make specific recommendations based on individual student needs.  
    • In-district services through our Itinerant TOD service or Bridge Extension model
    • Bridge High School @ BCIT Medford
    • Comprehensive Model @ BCSSSD
    • Cochlear Implant Education & Rehabilitation 
    • TOD Services for CODAs
    • Educational Interpreters 

     Hearing loss can present as a relatively simple challenge to address.  However, the ramifications of deafness/hearing loss in the classroom are complex and all-encompassing.  Without appropriate intervention and support, Deaf and hard of hearing learners can fall behind their hearing peers in:

    • Academic Success
    • Linguistic Fluency
    • Information Acquisition
    • Communication
    • Social Skills
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Executive Functioning 
    • Personal Development

    Deaf and hard of hearing learners have unique and complex linguistic needs and educational needs.  Meeting these needs requires a creative and all-encompassing approach to services provided.  We also provide community outreach, regular Sign Me A Story events at the Burlington County Library.