Burlington County Special Services School District

Phone: 609-261-5600      Fax: 609-261-4629

Please direct all inquiries concerning district-wide admissions, withdrawals, and transfers to our Admissions department

For more information about our Westampton, Transition or Alternative Programs, please contact:

  • Dr. Bobbie Downs, Director of CST, Related Services, & Nursing, email her or ext. 2120

  • Ms. Stacey Kaufman, Admissions Secretary, email her or ext. 7423


Please fill out and return to the Central CST office for processing.  
Email BCSSSD Admissions

Please choose one of the following options to submit an application for a student:

  • Application Link - Complete student applications online. All necessary documents can be uploaded during this process:

  • Current IEP with goals and objectives for all areas, including related services (if applicable)

  • Current/updated evaluations 

  • Copy of Health & Immunization records. (ORIGINAL Immunization record MUST be forwarded immediately after acceptance)

  • Transcript (high school students)

  • Discipline Records

  • Alternative program specific admissions documents (available on our Admissions portal)

All placement applications must be received from a local school district. Upon receipt of the above requirements for admission, the application will be reviewed by the Director of CST. Upon review of the application, an Admissions Team member will be in contact to discuss placement eligibility.

Our team is always available to answer questions regarding intakes and admissions. Phone number: (609) 261-5600. 

  • District CST Secretary: Shannon Clark, ext. 2205, email her

  • Admissions Team Secretary: Stacey Kaufman, ext. 5823, email her

Information for Parents/Guardians

How do I enroll my child in Burlington County Special Services School District (BCSSSD)?

Contact your child’s case manager or Child Study Team office at your local school district if your child is not meeting with success in their current placement.  If an out of district placement is a recommended option, your local school district will contact BCSSSD.  Student records will be sent for review by our Admissions Team to determine if a referral is appropriate.  

Where can I learn more about BCSSSD’s programs?

Please review our Welcome Packet that includes a description of our programs.

The Admissions Process

Our sending districts will refer a student to BCSSSD, including submitting an application for admission and sending student records for review.  Our Admissions Team, led by the Director of Special Education, reviews the file and determines if we have an appropriate placement/program space.  The application will then be assigned to an admissions case manager to schedule for a tour/intake interview and a final decision will regarding acceptance.  

Do I have to pay to send my child to BCSSSD?

No, your local school district is responsible to pay the tuition for your child to attend BCSSSD.  

How does transportation to BCSSSD work?

Your local school district will arrange for transportation to BCSSSD.