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Message from Dr. Nagy, Superintendent of Schools

  • 20 Facts & Executive Summary: Reopening BCSSSD

    August 7, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians & BCSSSD Community: 

    In my most recent status letter to you dated July 16, 2020, I advised you that our District Re-opening Task Force was in the process of completing its plan for re-opening school in September. I am pleased to announce that our comprehensive plan was completed timely and has been submitted to the New Jersey Department of Education. That plan titled Restart and Recovery Plan to Re-Open BCSSSD can be accessed here and is also posted on campus websites. For your convenience have prepared an executive summary of our plan. That summary will include logistical details concerning day to day operations at our schools.

    In my letter of July 16, 2020, I also requested families to visit our website and complete a survey to help us determine students who will be taking advantage of the Gov. Murphy mandated option for parents to have their children attend school 100% remotely in September. We have incorporated the responses we have received into our reopening plans.

    I want to assure you that our re-opening plan is a result of a thorough and comprehensive and collaborative effort of our Board, our administration and staff and many community stakeholders. It is in full compliance with CDC guidelines, Governor Murphy’s Road Back Plan and guidance from the Burlington County Department of Health. This re-opening plan, much like curriculum, is a living document and will be updated as issues arise that need to be addressed. To assist in updating and implementing the plan a Pandemic Response Team is being formed for each school in the district and will be comprised of members of the Re-opening Task Force, administrators, teachers, counselors, medical personnel, safety personnel, buildings and grounds and parents.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this status update and our re-opening plan and thanks so much for your continued support and commitment to the entire BCSSSD learning experience.


    Dr. Christopher Nagy
    Superintendent of Schools