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    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 9/23/2021

    We had a great open to school this year to in-person learning each and every day and for full days without modified schedules. All students and staff have to wear masks, but students demonstrated how happy they were to return and to be back once again for their friends. For some, this was the first time back since the Covid-19 closure of schools back in March 2020. 

    The Board and Dr. Nagy congratulated the new hires on the agenda and those who announced their retirements.  They wished our retirees good health and happiness and welcomed those new to BCIT and BCSSSD. 

    The Board approved a number of policies which are on the agenda for a second reading where a new policy or a revised policy. We also have the approval of various handbooks, statement of assurances for Paraprofessionals, Comprehensive Equity Plan, Lead Testing and a uniform state memorandum of understanding/agreement with the local police departments and our schools.  In addition, the Board approved the submission of our Chapter 27 Emergency Virtual or Remote Plans required by the NJDOE.  In addition, the Board approved the certification of the Student Safety Data System.

    We have just been alerted from the NJ Department of Health that Burlington County has moved from yellow (moderate) to orange (high) level on the COVID-19 Activity Level Report scale.  Please see report attached to this email.  This now will affect the quarantine time which will move to 14 days. The District is moving to a dashboard approach on the website to account for weekly updates on Covid-19 cases or need for quarantine rather than families receiving multiple communications each week about the quarantines. In the event that a student or staff member through contact tracing needs to quarantine, the family and staff member will be contacted directly.

    The BCIT and BCSSSD Districts have selected Option 2 from the NJDOE/NJDOH to allow for Covid-19 testing on District premises for students and staff. The Districts are awaiting further guidance regarding implementation and timelines.

    During the past weekend, most of our buses were vandalized and in particular, many had their catalytic converters stolen. This impacted our Monday and Tuesday bus transportation for certain students. We were able to find a bus company that had available buses and now have those buses transporting our students. We were very fortunate to have a short turnaround time, but understand that families and students were inconvenienced and had to shift to an alternative education delivery model for the one day for BCIT and two days for BCSSSD. We thank everyone for their flexibility and cooperation. 

    The Board approved the Chapter 27 NJDOE Remote Learning Plan in the event of a need for the closure of a building or district due to an emergency such as a hurricane or pandemic spread.

    We congratulate our Special Olympians and our staff who made this possible for our athletes to compete. This is extraordinary especially in the Covid-19 Environment.  I want to thank Christine Jenter for putting the video together to capture their talents. Please see our webpage to see the video.

    Please see the following September updates for BCSSSD:

    • Recent coverage of our new innovations for this school year appeared in a TAPintoBordentown article that was published on Sunday.
    • Two of our students were hired last week through the Work-Based Learning School-to-Work program at Transitions. One was hired by Acme and one by Lowe's. We are proud to report that five Transition students maintained employment throughout the summer months.
    • Our Student Support Team, a new initiative,began meeting this week. This is an interdisciplinary team within our school that will collaborate to discuss and formulate coordinated services and team delivery systems to address the full range of student learning, behavior, social, and health concerns. We know that our students will benefit from this new program as we begin to roll it out.
    • Finishing touches are being completed to open our Zen Dens and Playrooms across campuses.
    • Our partnership with Care Solace has been announced to staff and families of students. This partnership supports our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our school community members and allows us to connect our staff, their families, and the families of our students with behavioral and mental health resources on an as-needed basis.
    • One of our graduation photos has won an award from the New Jersey School Public Relations Association. The photo was selected from a field of 35 school districts and 78 entries. The photo encapsulates the culmination of the very challenging 2020-21 school year and reflects the hard work of the administration and staff to organize the in-person event in June. You may have seen the photo, which is displayed on the homepage of our district website.
    • BCSSSD attended a Job Fair hosted by the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce at RCBC in Mt. Laurel. This event allowed us the opportunity to increase visibility of our currently open positions, particularly Teacher Assistants and Substitute Teachers. 


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  • BCSSSD in the News: County Special Services School District Begins Year with New Innovations

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 9/19/2021

    BCSSSD Campuses were full of smiling faces of students and staff this week as we embarked upon the first full week of school.  The administration and educational staff worked hard to prepare for the current school year which now includes a number of new innovations.  Please see the article released in the TAPintoBordentown publication which captures some of those innovations.

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  • BCSSSD to be Honored by NJSPRA - A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 9/17/2021


    Graduation photo
    We received word this morning that our submission from Christine Jenter was not only accepted in a field of 35 school districts and 78 entries, but we won in one of the categories. Many may recognize the photo - BCSSSD High School Graduation on the BCIT West campus this past June.  The photograph and accompanying description Christine submitted for this award encapsulates the culmination of this very challenging school year and reflects the hard work of the administration and staff to organize the in-person event in June. The sunny day and smiling faces of family and friends greeted all who were present and the subject of the photo - it speaks for itself. This student rose from his wheelchair to walk across the stage and accept his certificate of completion. The expression on his face and the faces on the stage around him perfectly showcase the triumphant sentiment of the day. His family can be seen in the front row as they witnessed this beautiful exchange. Everyone in attendance felt pride for a variety of reasons--making it through a difficult school year, having an in-person graduation, and celebrating our students overcoming obstacles to achieve this milestone and moving on to the next phase of their lives.

    I thought that in the midst of many challenges, I wanted to say "thank you" to our and to reflect upon our "why" or the reason why we collectively are doing what we are doing - for our students. Inspire on! Congratulations!
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