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  • BCSSSD Community Embraces the Tri-State Canine Response Team to address SEL

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 6/15/2021 1:00:00 PM
    During the pandemic, the BCSSSD school community has had the pleasure of partnering with the Tri-State Canine Response Team. Team members and their dogs have met consistently throughout the year with seven classes virtually via Zoom. The classes have practiced asking questions as part of their social skills goals, have learned about how dogs handle stress as part of our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) counseling, and pet care as it relates to life skills.  
    Today from 12pm-2pm, the campus hosted our first ever Pet Parade where the students had the opportunity to meet the dog assigned to their class as well as the handler and to see the other dogs from the Tri-State Canine Response Team. This is a valuable service to our students and is a great way to involve all on our campuses. We look forward to continuing this partnership next year. I want to thank Dr. Bobbie Downs for taking the lead to bring the Team to our District.
    Tristate 1   Tristate 2   Tristate Canine
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  • BCSSSD Athletes Bring Home the Hardware from Special Olympics Track and Field Games on Sunday

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 6/14/2021
    Yesterday in Pennington, NJ on the Hopewell Valley School District Timberlane Middle School Track New Jersey Special Olympics athletes around the state converged for the annual Track and Field events. Our athletes were well trained and ready to compete despite the pandemic.  We are proud that after a day of competition, our BCSSSD athletes brought home the following medals:
    10 Gold Medals
    9 Silver
    Bronze 5 
    We are so proud of our Special Olympian participants and heroes:

    Joshua Williams

    Dani Jacobs

    Tommy Johnston

    Darius Cheston

    Brielle Newell

    Abby Horn

    Melanie Black

    Andrew Zukovsky 

    Aniya Reeves

    Joaquin Roberts

    Brandon Taylor

    John Violano

    In addition to our brave athletes, I would like to pay tribute to the main Special Olympics coordinator Deb Crosby and supervisor Adell Valasek and the dedicated coaching under coach Bethann Guenther-Misunas, Coach Davis and Coach Brianna and support staff without whom the day would not have been possible for our athletes.   Congratulations. We are so proud of you.

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  • BCSSSD Luau Celebration

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 6/10/2021

    Honored to attend and Happy to celebrate our BCSSSD West outside alternative to the Prom - A Luau in the school courtyard this afternoon. It is a beautiful day where students and staff are celebrating to music and and dancing. New memories are being created. Congrats to all.

    Luau garden photo

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