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  • School Plan Provides for Education, Meals, Connectivity, Meds and Related Services

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/16/2020

    As superintendent to the Burlington County Institute of Technology and Burlington County Special Services School District, I am so proud of the staff, students, parents and guardians to be able to work together in these extraordinary times where schools are closed due to Covid-19 to provide the necessary supports for our children and young adults. Our education plans include packets, personal contact with teachers and where appropriate, related services staff and nurses. Please see our BCIT and BCSSSDwebsites for the superintendent updated letter pertaining to closure details and schedule for meal pick ups.  To assist parents to learn more about Google Classroom and related information for education plans in both districts and resources, please visit the E-Learning Plan on each of the district's web pages. There are some great resources in that plan. Please also see the information from Comcast for connectivity instructions for eligible families. We had many families visit our campuses today to pick up meals. Our next pick up day will be this Thursday.

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  • Additional Communication from the Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Christopher Nagy

    Posted by Christine Jenter on 3/9/2020

    All parents should expect to receive via email and paper copy, a follow up to Dr. Nagy's letter regarding the flu and Coronavirus, including guidance we are receiving from the New Jersey Department of Education. Please see the link to the letter which can be found on the district website. We thank you for your cooperation and collaboration.

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  • We Salute and Honor our Educators, Administrators and Support Staff for Dedication and Avocation

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/6/2020

    Though just one day on a national level for Staff Appreciation Day, we set aside time in the district to recognize all of our educators, administrators and support staff each and every day for the important role they play in the educational process of young people entrusted to the school district. All of us can remember the names of educators who made a difference in our lives and who are responsible for part of who we have become as a result. When I asked Simon Sinek to write something inspirational for my staff for the opening day of the school year when I was a superintendent in Bergen County of the district in which he was an alumnus, here are some of the words which epitomize what all of you do day in and day out with our students and will forever stay with me and to which I will continue to reference for many years to come: This is the power of being a teacher. It is the ability to impact someone on such a deep level that they will literally carry your name with them for the rest of their lives. You don't teach curriculum, you teach people. It is not about the lessons, it's about the impact you can have in someone's life. Thank you for being inspirational and transformational to those students entrusted to us. 

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