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  • Board of Education Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 11/18/2022

    At last night’s Board of Education meeting, at the commencement of the superintendent’s agenda remarks, Dr. Nagy congratulated the BCSSSD Supervisors Association on their three-year successor collective Bargaining Agreement with the Board, which the Board approved.

    Dr. Nagy also noted that the Board had agreed in response to a request by members of the public at the last meeting, to increase the time from two minutes for individuals to address the Board. The Board agreed to increase the time to three (3) minutes effective at this Board meeting.

    On the agenda were a number of announcements of retirements. Dr. Nagy acknowledged all retirees on the agenda. He noted that on behalf of the Board, he thanked each and every one of them for their dedicated service to our students, colleagues and to the district. He ended with “I wish you good health and happiness.”

    There was one presentation and two student Board member reports during the Board meeting. During his remarks, Dr. Nagy thanked the Principal at the Burlington County Alternative School-Mt. Laurel Campus, Joan Barbagiovanni, for her presentation on the Day in the Life on the Campus in a video format. The video was very informative and demonstrated the engagement and pride students have in their work and with their teachers and administrators. Dr. Nagy thanked Joan and her team for the great work on the campus and again as the State and Nationally Recognized School of Character.

    Dr. Nagy also thanked our two student Board representatives for their reports to capture what is happening on the campuses from a student perspective. They were very informative and well done.

    The Board approved the retirements, resignations, appointments policies be it for first or second reading.

    Dr. Nagy noted that it is hard to believe that we are now starting the process to look at the budget for the following school year. The Assistant Superintendents, BA and Dr. Nagy will be meeting with key administrators in each district in December to review their budget binders which they have been charged to prepare and be ready to review.

    Dr. Nagy noted that the December Board of Education meeting will be held at 4pm in the Rutgers meeting room in the Superintendent’s building. After the Board of Education meeting, the BCSSSD Westampton Campus will host a Holiday Craft Fair at 6 pm, followed by the Annual Holiday Concert.

    There will be a special meeting on December 5, 2022 at 8:45 am, which will be held in executive session with legal counsel to discuss personnel matters. No action will be taken after the session. There is no public agenda for this special meeting.

    In addition to the report of the Board student representative, there are a few additional updates noted below that Dr. Nagy provided:

    • Dr. Nagy thanked Jaxon for a great report as the student Board representative, which he presented this evening for the first time this year.
    • Dr. Nagy noted that Board President Mr. Burrell and Vice President Mr. Brittain will be visiting the BCSSSD Westampton and Transition campuses on Monday morning to witness all of the great work being done on the campuses.
    • Dr. Nagy thanked the staff at the Lumberton campus for the outstanding Thanksgiving Day Feast prepared by the students and culinary team at which some Board of Education members were in attendance, staff and students. This was a great way to prepare for the upcoming holiday. Other holiday feasts were held on various other campuses as well.
    • BCSSSD Westampton had a very successful Trunk or Treat on 10/29 with over 500 people who joined us for a beautiful day on campus. The staff who organized this event did a great job, which included the cooperation with Burlington County and the Sheriff's Office.
    • Dr. Nagy acknowledged our Red Ribbon Poster Contest winners from BCSSSD which is sponsored by Prevention Plus of Burlington County and is open to all Burlington County Youth in grades k-12. The students submitted original creations showcasing this year’s theme of “celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.” Submissions were judged by students from RCBC. Victoria Bradley who is an 11th grade student was the winner of a $25 gift card. Aiden Taylor, a fifth grader, who received an honorable mention as did Ciara Manning on our Mt. Laurel Alternative School Campus.  Congratulations.
    • In honor of Veteran’s Day and as part of our campaign to support our military troops, the Westampton campus held a military appreciation event on Thursday.
    • We are beginning to collect food items to create Thanksgiving baskets for those in need or accepting donations.  Orders for culinary treats have been taken as well as flower arrangements created by our students to benefit our students.
    • The Westampton Campus Movement Lab received another new addition - there is now a texture wall, where students can explore many different textures using their sense of touch and then discuss the experience with their teacher, therapist, or classmates.
    • We have another new Transition WBL site - Kareamakids2 is a daycare center where young adults expand on the skills learned in the Helping Hands daycare program from our in-house Early Childhood Education CTE.
    • This week, our BCSSSDEA and administration working together, hosted a family bingo night. We had 18 families attend. Thank you for all who worked together to make the night possible.

    At the end of his remarks, Dr. Nagy provided well wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 10/28/2022

    Dr. Nagy congratulated the newest member to the Board of Education, Odie Carr who, after a long and rigorous journey of study, has just passed the bar exam and was sworn in today as an attorney. Congratulations.

    Dr. Nagy acknowledged the Board of Education who were able to attend sessions at the New Jersey School Boards Association Conference this week. Many had the opportunity to see our amazing Pioneer Jazz Band, who were invited to play in the atrium. That was some outstanding jazz led by none other than Mr. Tom Cook, the music teacher. It was a true moment of pride. Also at the convention, Dr. Nagy had the opportunity to be among 5 superintendent colleagues who were able to highlight one CTE program and a student from that program. The students were asked to respond to a few questions on camera and provide a witness to their respective programs. 

    Dr. Nagy congratulated Aysenur Turkmenoglu who represented us for BCIT and who is in 12th grade in our dental assisting program. She plans to continue with Dental Hygiene at RCBC. Upon completion, she plans to apply for dental school at Rutgers University.  She will be participating in the "Decision for Dentistry" program which is a pipeline for high school students in the field of dentistry. She is the president of HOSA, an organization for future health professionals, and serves as a Student Ambassador. Congratulations. We were well represented at the convention for both BCIT and BCSSSD.

    Dr. Nagy congratulated those on the agenda who have announced their retirements. On behalf of the Board, he wished them good health and happiness. Dr. Nagy also took a moment to thank Adell Valasek, supervisor on the BCSSSD campus, for her tireless efforts to assist our students and colleagues. We wish her well in her new endeavors.

    Pursuant to recent legislation effective this school year, a new non-voting student Board of Education member position was created to allow a high school student board representative to provide an overview of school activities and represent student interests on the Board. The Board is approving the new policy to include student representatives on the Board. I would like to acknowledge the one student from BCIT, Favour Oyelade, who is the Student Council President and for BCSSSD who could not be with us this evening, Jackson Keefer, who is like the mayor for the campuses. We congratulate you on being the first to serve in these yearly terms and who will provide valuable insights into all that happens on our campuses. The report from BCIT will be for both September and October. Mr. Venuto, BCIT West principal, introduced our new student Board representative.

    In addition to the student presentations we will have at each Board meeting, as we do each year, an achievement report is provided at this October Board meeting for both BCIT and BCSSSD. This evening, to provide an overview of the efforts made and highlights, new Assistant Superintendent Eder Joseph and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Danielle Hartman for BCIT made a presentation of results for the previous year during Covid which showed an upward trend and positive results to interventions.  This was followed by Dr. Holley, who provided an overall focus on BCSSSD and the supports and programs to enhance student achievement and well being. 

    The Board approved the School Self-Assessments for Determining Grades under the Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act. 

    The work that our administration and staff do, in addition to teaching our students, is to promote many efforts to prepare students to be positive role models, graduate from high school and be in a position to flourish, be it in the workplace or as they continue their education. We have a very high graduation rate and many of our students, after graduation, go on to RCBC or to four-year colleges, while many others go into the workforce having earned many stackable industry credentials, while a good number elect to go into the military.

    The following is a summary of our 2021 graduate placements: 86 (19%) found employment in their career major, 140 (31%) are attending a two (2) year college such as RCBC, 141 (31%) are attending a four (4) year college, 18 (4%) are in the military and 6 (1%) are enrolled in a post- secondary vocational program such as our BCIT Adult Education or other tech schools. We have 43 apprentices in the Adult Education program, which reflects an ongoing increase.

    The Board approved the Nursing Services Plans and the PEOSH Model Respiratory Protection Program for both BCIT and BCSSSD.

    The Board approved one additional day to the BCIT calendar due to a mandatory federal holiday which was missed on the calendar, the day after New Year’s Day. No changes are needed to the BCSSSD calendar. A final version of the BCIT calendar after adjustments will be on the November agenda.

    On the addendum, Dr. Nagy noted that there was a change of name on top of p. 3 under 1B6 for the BCIT Class of 2023 Advisor to Michelle Burke. The Board approved the addendum as amended for the name. 

    Please see the following updates for BCSSSD:

    • The Board approved a job description for the District Testing Coordinator and the Assistant Principal (AP). The AP will provide additional administrative support and take on duties held by the outgoing supervisor.

    • The Board approved Memorandum of Understanding motions, which address changes to the collective bargaining units that add the District Testing Coordinator and Assistant Principal positions.

    • As noted earlier, students in the Pioneer Jazz Band performed at the NJSBA Annual Workshop in Atlantic City. The band was selected from many applicants throughout the state to attend and perform at the conference. Thank you to Mr. Cook, our band director, who organized this trip and worked with the band to prepare for this performance; the Transportation team for arranging bussing, and to our administration and staff for their support!

    • BCAS was honored at the Character Education National Conference on October 21st for being recognized as a National State School of Character.

    • Staff and administration from Westampton and Transition Campuses attended the Autism Speaks Walk in Mt. Laurel this past weekend, where we also had a BCSSSD information display table; thank you to everyone who participated and helped us raise funds to support autism research!

    • This week, BCSSSD celebrated Red Ribbon Week, where we celebrated the choice to be drug free with dress-up days.

    • A Celebration of Life was held for Christian Jackson, a young adult from the Transition Campus, who recently passed away. His friends and the staff at Transition organized a basketball game in his memory, to celebrate his favorite sport to play at school.

    • We hosted two tours for organizations who donated large amounts of items to our Transition Campus programs: Walmart and Avenue Chiropractic. Managers from Walmart and Dr. Anne Marie from Avenue Chiropractic dropped off generous donations and got a chance to see the positive impact their continued donations have on our students. Each group was very impressed with our students and what we do.

    • Transition Campus Work Based Learning started in the community last week with 30 young adults in 11 Business partnerships, which include Miller Ford, CVS,Rainbow, Westampton Diner, Burlington County Library, Westampton Diner, Kareama Kids  day Care, Westampton Municipal Center, Marriott, TGI Fridays, and Burlington County Animal Shelter.

    • BCAS had their first graduates of the school year: Congratulations to Caleb Ali-Holloway and Julio Chua!

    • We will proceed with planning our BCSSSD Job fair for December 8th, 2022 from 1 PM to 5 PM in the Media Center. 
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  • Transition Campus TA Honored at Professional Support Professional of the Year by BCEA

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 10/7/2022
    Sandi Wilcox
    Yesterday afternoon in a surprise announcement, our very own Sandi Wilcox, Transition Campus TA was honored for her selection as the Burlington County Education Association's Education Support Professional of the Year! Sandi was chosen out of a pool of nominees from over 40 associations throughout Burlington County! We are proud of Sandi.  She is an exceptional person and deserving of the honor. Anthony Rizzo from BCEA made the announcement and presented Sandi with flowers. Congratulations Sandi. Well deserved.
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