• Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Prevention

    Burlington County Special Services School District shall establish, implement, document and assess bullying prevention program or approaches, and other initiatives involving school staff, students, administrators, volunteers, parents, law enforcement and community members. Schools will faciliitate these approaches and initiatives to create school- wide conditions to prevent and address harassment, intimidating and bullying. 

    If a parent or student believes bullying has occurred, the matter should immediately be reported to the Principal, Supervisor, and/or District School Anti-Bullying Specialist. 

    To submit an incident please the HIB submission form.
    Prevention Programs and Initiatives
    • District-wide Anti-Bullying Program following the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
    • Parent and Student HIB Materials and Resources
    • Counseling Programs
    • Staff Professional Development
    • Staff Training and implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
    • Suicide Prevention Programs


    HIB Resources



    School Anti-Bullying Specialists (ABS) are Principal appointed a staff members to perform the ABS duties in accordance with the Anti-Bullying Law and Board of Education (BOE) policies.


    ABS of Lumberton Campus- Michelle Siebert

    BCSSSD Lumberton Campus 

    Phone: (609)-261-5600 ext.4022