• Our work with students and adults with special and alternative educational needs matters. We at BCSS take pride in offering customized solutions to make the lives of our children and families better.  It is our Mission to assure each student reaches full potential as a self-sufficient, productive, member of the community. We take this Mission seriously.

    To that end, BCSS is engaged in a strategic annual process of establishing, initiating, implementing, executing, monitoring and evaluating goals and initiatives. During the 2017-2018 school year, the administration and staff will continue to look at data to inform decisions made about teaching and learning. In addition to a focus on data, there is a concentration on the value of lesson planning and assessment of the content to be measured.

    Among many key initiatives this year, we are proud of the formation of a District Curriculum Council to coordinate, review, assure alignment, relevancy, and rigor of curriculum and instruction areas across all campuses in the District.

    A special focus is placed this year on an exciting opportunity for all students to be assessed for communication and literacy needs. Furthermore, interventions are now in place this year to leverage use of evidence-based programs to promote clinical support, best-practice tools, and research based content to benefit staff and students alike. Much attention has also been provided to the upgrade of safety and security of all buildings including the most recent campus change to a new facility for our Alternative School.  Last, the curriculum on the Lumberton Campus will continue to reflect the Core 4+1 career majors and skills transcripts that now follow our students for the time at the campus. 

    After much reflection and evaluation of progress, we have established goals for 2017-18 in two broad areas: 

    To improve data collection procedures using various programs such as ONEder, Genesis, IEP Direct, and others to analyze and implement a plan to improve instructional outcomes. 

    To update the behavior modification system using positive behavior interventions and supports by incorporating individualized behavior intervention plans as needed; accountability of implementation of the behavior modification needs to occur for consistency and follow through. 

    To provide training opportunities for staff throughout the year with an emphasis on Crisis Prevention Intervention and Verbal De-escalation techniques; engage in self-reflection activities after a crisis. 

    To improve lesson planning and teaching procedures to include a variety of modalities of learning that will be embedded into lessons and will include the increased use of a variety technology methods.

    To ensure a successful implementation of the new transition campus.  

    The following is a link to our 2017-18 District Goals presentation.