BCSSSD District Goals 2019-2020

    • To assure a twenty-five percent (25%) increase in the usage of technology and assessment by educational staff evident in lesson plans and observation of which have a direct influence on the delivery of effective instruction such as through the development of goals and objectives within IEP Direct; development of lesson planning and managing assessments in Genesis; and the use of various resources such as IXL, Learning Ally, Reading A-Z, Clicker 7, Augmentative Communication, and OneDer.

    • To extend of the use of artificial intelligence (Milo the Robot) for students with autism as a learning tool while collecting data and measuring growth of students who participate in the pilot. Expansion of Milo the Robot into integrated sessions within the related services through the increase of the time utilized each day by twenty-five percent (25%) across disciplines.

    • To introduce and implement to the district staff the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum and positive behavior supports, which include training in appropriate de-escalation techniques having an end result of a reduction in the loss of instructional time by a minimum of ten percent (10%).

    • To create and implement a three-tiered transitional campus instructional track to include life skills, vocational skills, and college skills, allowing for proper placement based on students’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs by identifying the correct track for each student correctly with ninety-five percent (95%) accuracy.