Transportation Department: BCSSSD/ESU & BCIT

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    20 Pioneer Boulevard
    Westampton, NJ 08060
    Phone: (609) 261-5600
    Dispatcher - 2161
    Office - 7311 
    Fax: (609) 702-9865

    Sean Daly
    Transportation Director
    (609) 261-5600 ext. 7309
    The ESU has been designated as a Coordinated Transportation Services Agency (CSTA) by the New Jersey Department of Education and, as such, operates a cooperative county-wide system of coordinated transportation services for students.  All Burlington County public school districts are eligible to participate in the services described in this document. The ESU provides transportation by contracting with private transportation contractors. The ESU compiles and distributes each year a list of all out-of-district bus routes operated by the ESU and all school districts in Burlington County. The ESU assists in placing students on local districts operated routes whenever possible.  

    Public school districts notify the ESU of their transportation needs, and routes are formulated accordingly.  The goal is to combine students from several school districts on one route and transport them to a school or schools in the same geographic area, thereby promoting a cost-effective system throughout the entire Burlington County area.