Burlington County Special Services School District Administration

  • District

    Dr. Christopher J. Nagy, Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2200
    Email: cnagy@burlcoschools.org

    Mr. Andrew C. Willmott, Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2212
    Email: awillmott@burlcoschools.org

    Dr. Lisa English, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction 
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2204
    Email: lenglish@burlcoschools.org

    Dr. Ashanti Holley, Assistant Superintendent, Equity and Diversity 
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 4607
    Email: aholley@burlcoschools.org

    Mr. Ryan Van Laeys, Director of Technology
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2292
    Email: rvanlaeys@burlcoschools.org
    Mr. Veldon Harris, Director of Security
    Phone: (609) 267-4226 ext. 8405
    Email: vharris@burlcoschools.org

    Dr. Bobbie Downs, Acting Director of CST, Related Services, and Nursing
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2120
    Email: bdowns@burlcoschools.org  

    Mr. John Wisniewski, Acting Director of Facilities
    Phone: (609) 267-4226 ext. 8412
     Mr. Quinn Murrenburke, Head of Maintenance, Facilities 
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2165
    Email: qmurrenburke@burlcoschools.org
    Mr. Ed Stanfield, Night Foreman, Facilities
    Phone (609) 261-5600 x 2167
      Mr. Sean Daly, Transportation Coordinator
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 7309
    Email: sdaly@burlcoschools.org
    Ms. Christine Jenter, Coordinator of Marketing, Communications, and Enrollment
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2118 
    Email: cjenter@burlcoschools.org
    Mr. Robert Mastropolo, Acting General Manager of Food Services
    Phone: (609) 949-7460
    Email: rmastropolo@burlcoschools.org

    School Campuses

    Ms. Mary Jean Kneringer, Principal of Transition
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 3100
    Ms. Joan Barbagiovanni, Principal, Burlington County Alternative High School
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2501
    Email: jbarbagiovanni@burlcoschools.org

    Dr. Jeremy Cohen, Principal, Lumberton Campus
    Assistance to Acting Director of CST, Related Services, and Nursing

    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 4432
    Email: jcohen@burlcoschools.org

    Mr. Mark Castellane, Supervisor of Education, Lumberton Campus
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 4435
    Email: mcastellane@burlcoschools.org 

    Dr. Dana Rosen, Supervisor of Education, Elementary Campus
    Phone: (609) 702-0500 ext 5501
    Email: drosen@burlcoschools.org

    Ms. Adell Valasek, Supervisor of Autism, Middle School Campus
    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 6401
    Email: avalasek@burlcoschools.org

     Ms. Katie Hardgrove, Principal, Westamtpon Campus; Supervisor of Education, High School Campus;
    District Testing Coordinator

    Phone: (609) 261-5600 ext 2100
    Email: khardgrove@burlcoschools.org 

    Educational Services Unit (ESU)

    Dr. Bobbie Downs, Director, BCSCRT Administrator, BCPDI Facilitator, Home Instruction, Title I Services, Instructional Coaching, and other Specialized Services
    Phone: (609) 702-0500 ext 7406 
    Fax: (609) 702-9033
    Email: bdowns@burlcoschools.org 

    Ms. Michelle Robertson, Supervisor for Nonpublic CST, Nonpublic Speech, and DHH Child Study Team
    Phone: (609) 702-0500
    Email: mrobertson@burlcoschools.org

     Mrs. Brooke Decker, Supervisor, Public Child Study Team and Related Services
    Phone: (609) 702-0500 ext 7431 
    Email: bdecker@burlcoschools.org

    Mr. Dennis Leigh, Supervisor of Nonpublic Instruction, Nonpublic Nursing, and DHH Services
    Phone: (609) 702-0500
    Email: dleigh@burlcoschools.org