Burlington County Alternative School, located near the Mt. Laurel campus of Rowan College at Burlington County on Briggs Road, is a proficiency-based program for students who have experienced difficulty achieving their potential at their traditional high school and middle school. Students at BCAS meet and exceed state and local graduation requirements through highly individualized programs provided by state certified teachers and/or college instructors. Instruction encourages experiential learning and student-driven projects. Credits are awarded as proficiencies are demonstrated, rather than on the basis of performing satisfactorily over an arbitrary period of time. In addition to the academic component, students are provided opportunities for individual and group counseling, as well as vocational training and counseling. 

    Applications are completed by the sending schools and are accepted throughout the school year.

    Please note that BCAS does not accept students who have excessive conduct issues for insubordination or any occurrences of violence or aggression toward students or staff.