• Welcome to the High School Campus 
     at Burlington County Special Services School District
    Campus Contacts:
    Main Office
    Tara Pyfrin, Supervisor, District Testing Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer,
    ext. 2100/email: tpyfrin@burlcoschools.org
    Dawn Williams, Campus Secretary, ext. 2100 or 2106/email: dawilliams@burlcoschools.org
    CST Team
    Angelina Palella, ext. 2117/email: apallela@burlcoschools.org
    Jay Rabinowitz, ext. 2112 or 2109/email: jrabinowitz@burlcoschools.org
    Celeste Ste. Claire, ext. 2111/email: csteclaire@burlcoschools.org
    DiOnna Pittman, CST Secretary, ext 5823/email: dpittman@burlcoschools.org
    HS Nurses Office
    Dianne Temple, ext 2778/dtemple@burlcoschools.org
    Nora Kent, ext 2277/nkent@burlcoschools.org
    Character Ed Word of the Month:  Perseverance
    School Closed - Memorial Day
    May 27, 2019
    Yearbook fundraiser: BCSSSD Night at the Phillies Game
    May 29, 2019