• Educational Services Unit
    Vocational Assessments
    Job Placement
    Job Coaching
    The Educational Services Unit provides an array of transition services to local high school district in Burlington County.  These services are designed to assist students, district staff and parents in matching students' interests and abilities with available jobs, facilitating students in applying for those jobs and having the students adjust to a job and become a productive employee.  Students develop skills that enable them to succeed in a specific job and give them the experience and confidence needed to become successful in the workplace.

                                             STRUCTURED LEARNING EXPERIENCE

    The ESU has a structured Learning Experience (SLE) Coordinator who meets all the NJDOE requirements.  As part of a SLE program, ESU provides:

                                                    Job Placement (paid or unpaid)
                                                  Job Coach / "Work Place Mentor"
                                Visits to student work site once every 10 working days
                                              Progress notes pertaining to site visit
                          Maintenance of records for the Structured Learning Experience:
                                                       NJ Cooperative Education Job Analysis Form
                                                                   NJ Model / Agency Agreement
                                                      NJ District Staff and Work Site Mentor Checklist
                                                                 NJ Employer / Agency Agreement
                                                                       NJ Student Training Plan
                                                                    Working Papers, if necessary
    Non-SLE Transition Services are also available for vocational assessments, job placement and job coaching.
                                                              For more information, please contact:
                                     Patricia Gallagher                                                 Sharon Lutgen
                                     Public CST Supervisor                                            SLE Coordinator
                                     Phone: 609-702-0500 ext. 7431                          Phone: 609-702-0500 ext.7430
                                     Fax: 609-702-9033                                                Fax: 609-702-9033
                                     pgallagher@bcsssd.k12.nj.us                               slutgen@bcsssd.k12.nj.us
Last Modified on September 12, 2016