The Assistive Technology Department of the Educational Services Unit provides assistance to districts in assessing the needs of students to help them increase function in their academic settings.  The AT team works with Child Study Teams and Related Services to determine the most appropriate assistive equipment, training and implementation needed in the school setting. 

    Department Includes Trained Personnel in the Areas of:
     Educational Assistive Technology (AT)

    Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) 

    Services Provided:

     Student Evaluations (no, low, mid and high tech):


    Written communication

    Verbal Communication

     Device and Software Training/Consultations:





    Customized for your district’s needs


    AAC Action Plans:

    AAC Specialist works in tandem with the district team in developing and supporting ongoing implementation of a plan for the student, classroom and school environment.


    Follow-up and work with IEP teams on the designed and agreed upon protocol, as requested.



    Device Lease Program

    ESU houses various Assistive Technology/Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices for lease to districts in Burlington County

    Communication Device leases available




    For more information please contact the

    Assistive Technology Department:

    609-702-0500 x 7401

Last Modified on July 31, 2017