• Jody Mangus, SLE Coordinator
    Jody Mangus, SLE Coordinator for Lumberton Campus!
    SLE stands for:
    SLE is a state certified program which allows students to gain experiences in career awareness, career exploration and career orientation. The SLE Coordinator assists our students in finding gainful employment within their communities and also works closely with guardians, employers, teachers and administration to ensure our students are receiving the best possible workplace readiness skills needed to be successful upon graduation.  
    Cooperating Businesses:
    * Shop Rite
    * Taco Bell
    * Burger King
    * WaWa
    * Wendy's  
     *Working papers are also dispensed through this office to students who are under the age of 18.
     If you have questions or would like to know more about our SLE program, please contact:
    Jody Mangus, SLE Coordinator


Last Modified on September 10, 2017