Sending District Admission Procedures

    Burlington County Special Services School District

    Admissions Procedures

    All inquiries concerning district-wide admissions, withdrawals, and transfers should be directed to Jeremy Cohen, CST Director at 609-261-5600, ext., 2205 or Shannon Clark, District CST Secretary at 609-261-5600, ext., 2205, Fax 609-261-4629, sclark@burlcoschools.org.

    Applications for Admission should include:

    ·         Cover letter from district requesting acceptance of application

    ·         Current IEP with goals and objectives for all areas, including related services

    ·         Current/updated evaluations

    ·         Completed BCSSSD Application

    ·         Copy of Health & Immunization records.

              (ORIGINAL Immunization record MUST be forwarded immediately after acceptance)

    ·         Transcript (high school students)

    ·         Discipline Records

    All placement applications must be received from a local school district’s Child Study Team and processed through the Director of CST. Once the information above is received, it will be reviewed to determine the best campus placement for the student. After the program assignment is made, the campus CST staff member will review the application and an intake interview will be set up with the district, parent/guardian, and student. After the intake is completed and placement is determined the IEP can be implemented and/or the specific behavioral needs of the student can be supported, the campus CST staff member will contact the CST district with an Acceptance Letter and start date.

    The sending district will arrange transportation and communicate to the parent of their acceptance and start date.

    CST Campus Team Secretaries are always available to answer questions following intakes and admissions. 

     Campus:     Contact:    Ext.   Fax #: Email:
    Elementary    Maureen Brown 5591 949-7419 brownm@burlcoschools.org
    Middle School  Margaret Russ 6470 949-7408 mruss@burlcoschools.org
    High School     Debra Hatzold  5823  954-7424 dhatzold@burlcoschools.org
    Lumberton    4434  654-0720  sclark@burlcoschools.org
    BCAMS/BCAHS    Melissa Manno     2501  257-4166 mmanno@burlcoschools.org



Last Modified on October 4, 2018