Name: W. Tannenbaum/A. Lynch HS Room # 130
    Email Address: wtannenbaum@bcsssd.k12.nj.us

    Phone number: 609- 261- 5600 extension 2130
     Welcome to Room 130
    Mrs. Tannenbaum: Teacher
    All students in Room 130 are growing this year.
    The transition to the High School for them is going very well. The students are working on being responsible, accepting responsibility for ones own actions, as well as all the academics that are taught each day.
    English      Math      Science    History     Health     Physical Education
    In the final weeks of January we began our studies in the historical Greek Games of stamina and strength, what we know today as the Olympics. The students, learning through stories and documentaries, put together their own Olympic venue to be held on opening day of the this years Winter Olympics.
    Crafting their Olympic Rings, Olympic torch, insignias of the representing city-states of ancient Greece, games and togas, while they were learning, the students looked forward to their competition with Mrs. Clarks neighboring classroom. The students worked hard on their projects with much pride and were anxious to show their understanding and support of the Olympics beginning with carrying the torch through out the hallways everyday proclaiming the amount of days to opening day.
     File:Olympic rings without rims.svg