• A Holes Webquest

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    Created By Mrs. Dicker

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    In Holes, by Louis Sachar, the Yelnats family is living a curse bestowed upon them over 100 years ago. Young Stanley Yelnats is sent to a detention camp for a crime that he does not commit. While serving his sentence, Stanley digs up more than dirt.


    Your quest is to portray the role of an investigative reporter. You will attempt to dig up true accounts of Stanley and his fellow inmates' experiences at Camp Green Lake. You and your classmates will create a news bulletin. You will do this by:

    • reading Holes by Louis Sachar
    • recalling events from the story.
    • discussing characters in the story.
    • making lists of events.
    • making character dolls.
    • researching the state of Texas
    • selecting a particular event from the story.
    • creating a news bulletin.


    • Read or listen to the story Holes by Louis Sachar.
    • Print worksheet 1 and complete book report with your group.
    • Print worksheet 2 and complete the character worksheet.
    • Print worksheet 3 to organize your news report.
    • Get a paper doll from your teacher and draw what you think one of the characters looks like.
    • Use the Internet to find out about Texas.
    • Create your news bulletin using Microsoft Publisher. You will work in groups to conduct your investigations and write your report.


    Print the evaluation page and give it to your teacher when you are finished with your Webquest. Together you will discuss your project.




    Now that you have become an expert reporter, it's time to have some fun. Check out these sites.

    After you have read the book, you might want to see the movie version. Then you can do this Movie/Book Worksheet.



    Listed are some Holes and Louis Sachar resources.