• Time Stops for No Mouse

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    Created By Mrs. Dicker

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    In the story Time Stops for No Mouse, by Michael Hoeye, Hermux Tantamoq, a very gentle and kind mouse, finds himself wrapped up in a sinister plot. The characters which are portrayed by a variety of rodents and weasels, have very human characteristics. How did the author match the animals to the characters?


    Your task is to portray yourself as a rodent or weasel. You will do this by :

    • reading Time Stops For No Mouse by Michael Hoeye.
    • naming types of rodents in the story.
    • naming types of weasels in the story.
    • listing characteristics of story characters.
    • learning about rodent and weasel characteristics.
    • Write a short story using your research. Include at least 1 illustration.


    • Read or listen to the story Time Stops For No Mouse by Michael Hoeye.
    • Make a list of the types of animals that were in the story.
    • Match the character names with the animals. Then match feeling words to the characters. worksheet 1
    • Use the Internet to find out about different rodents and weasels.
    • Select an animal that you would like to be.
    • Find information about your animal. worksheet 2
    • Describe yourself in animal form. worksheet 3


    Print the evaluation page and give it to your teacher when you are finished with your Webquest. Together you will discuss your project.


    Now that you have become an animal expert, it's time to have some fun. Check out these sites.


    Use these resources to do research on weasels and rodents.

    • Wild America Squirrels by Lee Jacobs
    • Harvest Mouse, by Oxford Scientific Films
    • Woodchucks by Emilie Lepthien
    • Rodents From Mice to Muskrats by Sara Swan Miller
    • Small Furry Animals by Gill Tomblin
    • The North American Beaver by John E. Becker
    • Small Mammals by Anita Ganeri
    • Prarie Dogs by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
    • Chimunk Family by Lois Brunner Bastian
    • Nature's Children, Chipmunks by Merebeth Switzer
    • Gerbils by Norman S. Barrett
    • Rats by E. Sandy Powell
    • The Sierra Club Book of Small Mammals by
    • Rabbits, Squirrels, and Chipmunks by Mel Boring
    • Nature's Children, Porcupines by Liama Dingwall
    • Hamsters by Normal S. Barrett
    • Mice, All About Them by Dr. Alvin Silverstein and Virginia B. Silverstein
    • Moles and Hedgehogs, What They Have in Common by Sara Swan Miller