• What Would You Sell?

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    A Money Webquest
    Created By Mrs. Dicker

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    In the story Yard Sale by James Stevenson, a group of creative animals decide to have a yard sale. Sold items include a clock, footstool, accordion, and a necktie. Simsbury, one of the characters, is having a difficult time parting with his prized possessions. Do you think that you can help him decide?



    Your quest is to help Simsbury decide what type of items are good to sell at a yard sale. You and your classmates will create your own yard sale story. You will do this by:

    • counting groups of change.
    • making lists of yard sale items.
    • deciding prices for your yard sale items.
    • creating a classroom yard sale story.


    • Listen to the story Yard Sale by James Stevenson.
    • Print worksheet 1and count the coins.
    • Print worksheet 2and count the coins.
    • Print worksheet 3and count the coins.
    • Draw pictures of your yard sale items. Use crayons or markers.
    • Add price tags to your yard sale items. Draw the coins you will need.
    • Create your yard sale page using Powerpoint. You will create one page that describes your yard sale item.


    Print the evaluation pageand give it to your teacher when you are finished with your webquest. Together you will discuss your project.



    You have learned about counting change and now you are a yard sale expert. Keep your skills sharp by practicing. Here are some good sites to explore.


    Listed are children"s books with a math theme.

    • Yard Sale by James Stevenson
    • Benny"s Pennies by Pat Brisson
    • Anno"s Flea Market by Anno Mitsumasa
    • If You Made a Million by David Schwartz Morrow
    • The Googies Are Coming and Smart from Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
    • Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by JudithViorst
    • The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen
    • The Money Tree by Sarah Stewart