Autism Program

  • The Autism program offers comprehensive programs for students aged 3-21 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Our program is built on evidence-based and research-driven instructional approaches. We pride ourselves on our small classroom sizes; up to six students at younger grade levels and up to nine students at higher grade levels. In addition, students will be instructed by our qualified teachers and our highly trained paraprofessionals to meet each student’s needs.  


    1. Applied behavior analysis
    2. Board-certified behavior analysts
    3. Individual assessments of each learner’s strengths, challenges, and learning styles
    4. Alternative educational assessments
    5. Systematic data analysis to track learner performance
    6. Individualized programming across a wide range of curriculum areas
    7. Specific program to promote verbal behavior, social skills, and academic areas
    8. Supported “push in” to other programs when learners are ready
    9. Functional living center
    10. Intensive staff training, supervision, and evaluation to ensure the highest quality care
    11. Milo the Robot
    12. Behavior intervention plans
    13. Sensory room
    14. Dining room experience
    15. Career Technical Education programs