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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Cosmetology The College of New Jersey

Ms. Caplan

Courses: Introduction to Cosmetology and Barbering

Course Description: Intro to Cosmetology and Barbering is a shop where the students will learn many skills. Students will participate in a number of practice sessions on a manikin head using hot tools. They will practice a mock hair color. They will use trending nail products in the classroom and learn about hair removal using the waxing method. Students will be introduced to haircutting with shears and barbering skills practiced in the shop using tools including trimmers and clippers on willing models will be encouraged. This also aides in building self esteem and trust amongst peers. Positive social skills are an important aspect of this shop, a must for anyone looking to succeed in the service industry. Most skills are practiced on a manikin head and latter applied to live clients when confidence is sufficiently built. Your work in this class creates a reputation about the kind of person you are and that reputation follows you. Let us help you find your creative side and start building your reputation.

Educational Philosophy:If you raise the expectations of your students they will usually step up to the plate to face the challenge.