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The Lumberton Campus

   Eileen Price, Principal



Lumberton Campus meets the unique educational and therapeutic needs of High School students who have not experienced success in the more traditional classroom settings, the 45-acre Lumberton Campus on Ark Road offers unparalleled opportunities. With the goal of preparing students to enter the world of work with solid, entry-level skills, positive attitudes, a sense of responsibility, positive role models and self-worth, the program features a hands-on approach to learning. Students participate in carefully selected projects which are closely related to the instruction which takes place in the classrooms.


Career Technical Education

Structured Learning Experience (SLE) while earning high school credits.

Group and Individual Counseling

Departmentalized and Self-Contained Classrooms

Computer Labs and Smart Boards

Substance Abuse Prevention Education

Normative Culture

Music Program 

 Career Development

This year at Lumberton Campus, we will providing a strong focus on developing employment skills. We will be developing and emphasizing skills needed and used in the following areas: automotive, building trades, nail technology, business & technology, as well as culinary arts. As part of this process, we will be implementing a skills inventory checklist and update it as students' progress through the course and master the skills. Upon completion at the Lumberton campus, a student will be issued a skills transcript that will identify the skills learned in each of the four career paths noted. The student, depending upon how long he/she is at our campus, will be in a position to earn industry credentials that equate to job opportunities. 


Nail Technology

Building Trades

Culinary Arts


Business Office Practices 


Just as students are carefully selected for programs of this type, the staff also has been carefully chosen. They are all committed to a “roll-up-your sleeves” philosophy of active involvement with students and projects. They see their role as teachers in the broadest possible sense. They are more than just academic instructors. They are motivators, counselors and confidants. Staffed by special education teachers, vocational teachers, school social workers, nurses,  and highly trained teacher assistants, the diversity of talents and personalities provides virtually all students with positive role models who take personal interest in their progress.

Computer Technology

The school district has spared no expense to offer the latest in technology for students. State-of-the-art computers in classrooms and campus labs support academic instruction and offer opportunities for career training. Assistive technology is widely available to enable most students to benefit from computer technology. In the information age, students at the Burlington County Special Services School District are given every opportunity to develop their technology skills.


Only those students whose special needs are so unique that they cannot benefit from programs in the local school district are eligible for admission to the Burlington County Special Services School District. Local districts seeking admission of a student to the Special Services School District may submit a letter of application to the Admissions Office, including current copies of Child Study Team evaluations.


The Burlington County Special Services School District is a public school district providing programs and services to the special needs children of Burlington County and the region at no cost to parents.

 Our record of successful graduates who have accomplished great things in the world of work, and students who have returned to successful experiences in their local schools following a placement here, are indicative of the positive effect our programs offer. Our track record speaks for itself!